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White Nationalism is alive and well in Washington State, thanks to State Representative Matt Shea. Shea’s corporate donors must denounce his actions and recognize that if they fund him, they are also funding the growth of White Nationalism in Washington State. Tweet Shea’s donors and urge them to stop funding Shea’s efforts to spread his dangerous, extremist ideology.

Click on any of Shea’s corporate donors below to send a message that you expect them to stop supporting Shea’s dangerous, extremist ideology.

Thank you for Divesting!

Listed below are Shea’s corporate donors that have already done the right thing and pledged to stop supporting his campaign, so we know public pressure can work!

Washington Association of Realtors · AT&T
Boeing PAC · Altria Client Services Inc · BNSF Railway Co 
Washington Hospitality Association · Avista Corp
Northwest Credit Union Association · T-Mobile - Puget Sound Energy