Cancel Matt Shea

Setting the Scene

Republican state legislator Matt Shea represents Washington’s 4th legislative district in Spokane Valley, WA — but he’s not just another state representative. Rep. Shea has been a leader in the WA GOP’s caucus for more than a decade, and was elected Caucus Chairman by his colleagues in Olympia as recently as 2017. That entire time, Shea has used his influence as a legislator — and his weekly broadcasted radio show — to spread his dangerous, extremist ideology throughout Washington State.

Now, after revelations that he promoted a group training children for a holy war, Rep. Shea is under investigation for allegedly advocating for violence and surveillance against his political adversaries with anti-government extremists. As a known ally of White Nationalists, Shea should be condemned by his party and everyone in Washington State who believes we can resolve our political differences through debates and elections instead of violence.

Rep. Shea regularly promotes the use of firearms as core to "returning to patriot principles" — recklessly encouraging his most unstable supporters to take matters into their own hands when he uses rhetoric like “restoring patriotism” and “Christian warfare.” Shea has published a “Biblical Basis for War” manifesto, propaganda that is fueling his following. His supporters even threatened to physically harm liberal activists. And he knowingly promoted a group called “Team Rugged” who train children to be prepared for a “holy war.”

Washington State’s GOP leadership is at fault for allowing Shea’s growing rhetoric of White Nationalism and should finally take responsibility by condemning his actions!


Expel Shea.



White Nationalism in Washington State is not a thing of the past. Supporters of Matt Shea must denounce his actions and recognize that if they fund him, they are also funding the growth of White Nationalism in Washington State. Tweet Shea’s Donors and urge them to stop funding Shea’s efforts for extremism.